Wildwood New Jersey 2013

Tourists About Town

July 2013

Ocean Avenue Wildwood Crest New Jersey
Driving along Ocean Avenue in Wildwood Crest.

omlets galore at the Captains Quarters restaurant
It's omelets galore at the Admiral's Quarters.

bike path in Wildwood Crest
Biking along the bike path adjacent to Beach Avenue in Wildwood Crest with the motels as far as the eye can see.

Motels Day and Night

Colorful themes by day and dazzling neon lights at night, make the motels of the Wildwoods something special.  Referred to as "Doo Wop" architecture, retro styles of 50s, 60s, and 70s have been preserved and updated.  A walk through the resort island's streets along the shore is an attraction of it's own, conjuring feelings of wonderment and nostalgia. 

Below are just a few photos that highlight notable Wildwood Crest properties at both daytime and nighttime.

Wildwood Crest day and night
The Bel Air and Caribbean Motels day and night.

Gondolier Motel day and night
The Gondolier's neon sign and mural day and night.

the Crusader motel day and night
The Crusader's dramatic exterior day and night.

the Nassau Inn day and night
The Nassau Inn day and night.

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