Cape May New Jersey

And an Alternative to the Boardwalk

July 2012

Cape May sweatshirts and hats

Cape May is the next town down the shore from Wildwood Crest. It's just short drive and one toll bridge to get there from the Wildwoods.
Cape May is noticeably more upscale than other points along the Jersey Shore. It is know for its large collection of victorian style houses. In fact, the district along the beach is almost entirely victorian.
Although Cape May does not have a boardwalk, it does have a pedestrian friendly, brick paved shopping district - called the Washington Street Mall, and a promenade along its pristine beaches.

The Washington Street Mall

Cape May New Jersey
The Washington Street Mall is a brick paved unique shopping area in Cape May.
All of the store fronts are made to look like small cottages in an idyllic town.

Cape May Kohr Bros frozen Custard
Kohr Bros. frozen custard shop.

strolling in Cape May
As I noted above, Cape May is just a bit upscale.

Cape May Stewarts root beer shop
More shopping, including Stewarts Root Beer shop on the right.

Cape May New Jersey
A salt water taffy shop that seems to have a lot of crafts also.

Cape May Decature Street sign
Parking to the right, beaches to the left.

bra fits in Cape May
When you run out of other things to do on vacation.

Cape May's Victorian Houses

Cape May victorian rental house
A lot of the victorian houses are available as rentals.

Cape May large victorian house
Some victorian houses are bed and breakfast lodging.
Above is the Empress Bed and Breakfast.

Cape May front porch sitting
The front porches of these houses are very inviting.

Cape May restaurant
The Merion Inn restaurant.

Cape May rental
These houses make me want to stay here.

Cape may restaurant
Cabanas Beach Bar and Grill downstairs and Martini Beach upstairs overlooking the beach.

Cape May beach promenade
This is Cape May's Promenade along the beach.

the Cape May beach
The Cape May beach just before dusk.

The Cape May beach is a paid beach. You will need permits to get onto the beach during the day. Permits are available for purchase throughout the town.

Cape May New Jersey
The grand exterior of the Congress Hall Hotel.

Boiler room street lighting
A unique street light in Cape May.

Dusk at the Washington street mall
Evening begins at the Washington Street Mall in Cape May.

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