Duffer's Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlour

...and mini golf and arcade

July 2012

Duffer's Restaurant Wildwood New Jersey
Duffer's Restaurant is the kind of place kids will love.
It's a restaurant and ice cream parlor that also has an arcade and mini-golf course right on premises.

Even though we booked a townhouse with a full kitchen and ended up eating most of our meals there, we did eat a few meals out. The next few pages will explore those dining experiences.

The Food

Duffer's burger and fries
The hamburger platter was ordinary (the patty had a from-frozen texture ) but the presentation was excellent.
Hamburger - 6 ounces of fresh choice beef served with lettuce tomato and pickle spear - $5.25

Duffer's turkey club platter
The turkey club sandwich was tasty and presented well.
Turkey Breast and Bacon Double Decker Club Sandwich - $8.95

Duffer's pork bar-b-que
The pork bar-b-que sandwich is a new item for 2012 and is served with onion rings tooth-picked to the top of the bun.
Pulled Piggie Sandwich - Slow roasted pulled pork with BBQ sauce topped off with an onion ring and cole slaw on the side - $6.95.

Duffer's child's pizza
To the delight of children, the child's pizza is served in a frisbee
and comes with curly fries.
Pizza - includes french fries and apple sauce, served on a duffers flyer - $6.95.

Mini Golf

Duffer's mini-gold
The exterior facade sets the "on the docks" theme for the mini-golf course.

Duffer's mini-golf castle
There's even a theme breaking castle.

Duffer's mini-golf shark
A ship wrecking shark guards this trap.

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