Wildwood New Jersey

The Boardwalk by Day

July 2012

The Wildwoods sign
This Iconic Wildwoods sign marks an entrance to the Boardwalk and
is located at the end of Rio Grande avenue, the main road entrance onto the Wildwoods barrier island.
Wildwood, North Wildwood, and Wildwood Crest are refered to as the "Wildwoods".
As you can see, this is a popular spot to have your photo taken.

It's long, it's loud, it's bright and dazzling, it's flash and a tiny bit trashy.
It's the spectacular Wildwood boardwalk.
The Wildwood boardwalk is two miles long and is populated with shops and attractions of every type including amusement piers.

biking on the Wildwood Boardwalk
Bikes are permitted on the Boardwalk until 11AM on weekday mornings;
10:30AM on weekend mornings.

The Adventure Pier
Looking from the Boardwalk towards the Adventure Pier.

Wildwood Boardwalk Phillips
Souvenir shops aplenty.

Wildwood Boardwalk hermit crab
So, If I buy a cage, I get a hermit crab for free?
Does that mean that if I buy a hanger, I get the shorts for free?

Wildwood Boardwalk Chapel
The Wildwood Boardwalk has a Chapel nestled amongst the shops.

Wildwood Fudge Kitchen
Biking along the Wildwood Boardwalk.
Mmmm fudge.

Wildwood Boardwalk Yummy Treats
Yummy Treats is certainly a bright looking place.

Moreys Mariner's Landine pier
Looking at the Mariner's Landing Pier.
What does that sign say?

Wildwood YoGo factory yogurt
The YOGO Factory yogurt shop with the
Boardwalk Mall in the background.

Splash Zone water park
The Splash Zone water park entrance is right on the Boardwalk.

Polish Water Ice
Polish Water Ice is like Italian gillatto except it's Polish.

Wildwood boardwalk Kohr Brothers
The expanse of the Wildwood Boardwalk at the entrance to the Mariner's Landing pier.

Boardwalk Photos
An elaborate facade for roof-top Mini Golf.
Below is the Old Time Photos.

Mariner's Landing Pier
Looking back at the Mariner's Landing Pier.

Wildwood Boardwalk tram car
A stationary tram car on the Wildwood Boardwalk.
To alert pedestrians of its approach when running, the tram car is equipped with a loud voice warning of
"Watch the Tram Car Please".

Surfside Pier
The Surfside pier.

Wildwood Sam's Pizza
Many people claim that Sam's Pizza is the best in Wildwood.
We've tried it, and it is very good.

The Great Nor' Easter
The twisted metal of The Great Nor' Easter rollercoaster on the Surfside Pier.

Surfside Pier
The entire Surfside Pier.

north Wildwood Beach dune
North Wildwood has some dune buildup
and the beach isn't as wide as in Wildwood
and Wildwood Crest.

Wildwood's Two Mile Boardwalk
That's it. We've walked all 2 miles of the Wildwood Boardwalk.

Wildwood Boardwalk Archway
Through this arch walk the happiest people in the world.

Wildwood Boardwalk
Starting to head back.

Cocktails Frozen Drinks and Wine
But first, some refreshments.

View of the Surfide Pier
Have a seat and enjoy the view of the Nor' Ester on the Surfside Pier.

Viewing Scope
Only a quarter.

Wildwood Boardwalk Massage Parlour
Sweedish or deep tissue?

Wildwood Boardwalk Fudge Kitchen
What's a vacation without some treats?

Fudge Kitchen
A bright assortment of fudge on display.

Fudge Kitchen candy
Candies of all sorts.

Kangaroo Bounce
Venturing onto the Surfside Pier and encountering these bright, happy kangaroos.
This is the Kang-A-Bounce ride on the Surfside Pier.

Joes Fish Company
A big fish at Joe's Fish Company.

Chipstix Fried Oreos
Deep fried oreos and a water is combo meal?

Wildwood Boardwalk Mack's Pizza North
Macks pizza is another Wildwood staple.
This is Mack's north location on the Boardwalk.

Wildwood Boardwalk Mack's Pizza South
Here's Mack's south location on the boards.
Hold on a moment, something smells really good.

Wildwood Boardwalk Mack's Pizza slice
A slice of Mack's Pizza.
We found Mack's to be the best of the pizzas we tasted in Wildwood.
It tasted very similar to an NEPA pizza.
I'll get back to the report later, after I finish this slice.
Please carry on.

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