Wildwood New Jersey


July 2012

Wildwood Crest condos on the beach
We booked a townhouse for our week at the Jersey Shore.
Despite how much we love the retro Wildwood Crest motels,
we needed more living space and the convenience of a full kitchen.
Pictured above are some of the condos of Wildwood Crest.

Let's take a brief tour of the accommodations we enjoyed.
This will give you an idea of the kind of accommodations that are available beyond the Wildwood motels.

Touring the Townhouse

Wildwood crest town house living room
The living room of the townhouse.

Wildwood Crest townhouse pillows
The townhouse was nicely appointed.
Here is a cheerful arrangement of pillows on the couch.

Wildwood crest town house living room 2
The living room not only had a large LCD TV, but also a gas fireplace.
The fireplace came in handy on our first night when it was
rainy and chilly. The fireplace took the chill right out of the air
and made the whole place cozy.

Wildwood Crest town house kitchen
The full kitchen had prompted us to rent a townhouse rather
than a motel room in the first place.
This kitchen came complete with everything you would need,
except the food and drinks of course.

Wildwood Crest townhouse game room
This is a secondary sitting room on the lower level, which doubles as a game room.
To the right is another LCD TV with gaming consoles on the shelves below.
There was even a selection of games.

Wildwood Crest town house master bedroom
The master bedroom, which we dubbed the giraffe room.

Wildwood Crest giraffe room
The giraffe motif could be found throughout the suite.

Wildwood Crest townhouse bathroom
Looking into the master bathroom.

Wildwood Crest master bathroom2
Another view looking at the facilities.

Wildwood Crest bedroom
This is the room we dubbed the 'rainbow room'.

Wildwood Crest boys room
And here is the 'boy's room'.

Wildwood Crest townhouse deck
The townhouse has a deck with a gas grill.
This quickly became our favorite spot of the entire townhouse.

Wildwood Crest townhouse view
This was the view from the deck of the Wildwood Crest beach and the Atlantic Ocean.

Wildwood crest townhouse pool
The townhouse had a very nice common pool.
It got crowded only in the afternoon after people returned from the beach.

State of New Jersey swiming pool rules
New Jersey has Bather's Rules.
These should also be rules for life in general.

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